The teaching of maths at Mount Pellon will give every opportunity for pupils to develop the following:

  • Fluency
  • Reasoning/problem solving
  • Language
  • Mastery

This will be taught through an emphasis on:

  • Variation (showing and exploring concepts in many different ways including concrete, pictorial and abstract)
  • Collaborative investigation - children will 'discover' their own rules/strategies
  • Discussion/deep conversations
  • Application of skills across the curriculum

Within lessons which have:

  • Appropriate pitch and challenge
  • High levels of sufficiency for all pupils
  • High levels of engagement for all pupils

Here you will find our Maths Ambassadors.

These children have been awarded Maths Ambassador status having shown the highest level of perseverance, resilience and thinking skills when solving maths problems. These children from Upper KS2 have been selected by their class teachers to take a key role in developing a love for maths learning in the school community. Their responsibilities will include teaching maths through games to younger pupils, organising competitions and helping to gather parent and pupil views on the teaching of maths at Mount Pellon Academy.

Look out for our Maths Ambassadors around school - they will be wearing gold badges and might ask you a maths question if they see you so make sure you have all been practising your times tables!