Here you will find a staff list including the senior team. For information on staff responsibilities including who to contact see Key Contacts.

Mr Chris Walton

Vice Principal
Mrs Ruth Collyer

Assistant Principal's
Mrs Sarah Corcoran and Mrs Hannah Morrison

Acting SENCo
Mrs Ruth Collyer

Mount Pellon Primary Academy
Battinson Road

Other Teaching Staff
Ms H Belford, Miss H-M Davies, Mrs L Cowie, Mrs M Hathaway, Mrs T Kedge, Miss K Mann, Miss S Provis, Mr J Rawlins, Miss M Harrison, Miss S Haste, Ms T Swain, Miss H Vento, Mr R Young, Miss I Ahmed, Miss A Aslam, Mrs Y Brown, Miss E McCormick, Mr E Mason.

Operations Manager: Mrs Nayla Khan
Administrator: Mrs Zareeda Masood
Administrator: Ms Anita Walker
Administrator: Miss Zoe Stewart
Attendance Officer: Mrs Shabana Kauser
Reprographics Assistant: Mrs Jill Amos
Resources Assistant: Mrs Chris Hutton

Pastoral Team
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Julie Bottomley

Other Support Staff
EAL Admin Co-ordinator: Mrs S Clark

Nursery Nurses
Mrs K Hoyle, Mrs P Kundi, Mrs S Zar

Sports Leader
Mr M Ance

Cover Supervisors
Mrs R Casey, Mrs D Fillingham, Miss J Harper, Mrs L Jefcock, Mrs Y Mahfooz, Miss G Samples.

Classroom and Language Support
Mrs R Akhtar, Ms M Ashiq, Mrs A Badzova, Mrs J Barraclough, Mrs S Begum, Mrs M Bibi, Mrs N Bibi, Miss N Nawaz, Miss A Hussain, Miss I Hussain, Mrs D Jones, Miss N Kauser, Ms J King, Mrs P Najib, Mrs A Page, Mrs P Page, Mrs J Panesar, Mrs C Rushby, Mrs I Shahzadi, Miss M Tasleem, Mrs S Younis.

Site Manager
Miss J Hildred