DSEN & Inclusion

Disabilities and Special Educational Needs

SEN Co-ordinator
Ruth Collyer: Vice Principal

Mount Pellon is an inclusive school which respects the individual's right to a good education, where children learn together. Meaningful access to learning and the curriculum is at the centre of what we aim to do, to enable all children to achieve their personal potential whilst developing personal worth, respect for others, resilience and the skills to overcome barriers. Involvement of parents and children within the process of decision making and collaboration with experts from external agencies, is key.

We aim to ensure that the arrangements for children with special educational needs are in line with the requirements of the:

  • Children and Families Act 2014
  • SEN and Disability Regulations 2014
  • Equality Act 2010
  • SEN Code of Practice July 2014
  • Supporting Children with Medical Conditions
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children

We strive to develop an inclusive culture in all aspects of academy life. With this in mind, all of the policies and procedures fostered by the academy support the development of all individuals based on their personal skill set and starting point so that everyone, children and staff alike, is able to learn, develop and succeed to achieve their goals and targets. Please feel free to look at our policies available on our website to see how inclusion is at the centre point of everything that we do.

Click here to read our full DSEN policy

DSEN Policy

Click here to read our Local Offer. This provides further details about ways in which we support children to overcome barriers.

SEN Offer

Click here to read our Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

Click here to read the Calderdale Local Offer


Click here for the SEND Code of Practice

SEND Code of Practice