Ramadan Club

30th Jun 2014

Ramadan Club

We would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak!

Those children who are observing a fast at school aretaking part in refelction at lunchtimes andare learning more about why this time of year is so special for many families. As part of this, the children have been reflecting upon the importance of thinking about people who are not as lucky as we are and how giving to charity is a good deed. The children want to try and raise money to help those around us who are less fortunate and so we will be holding the following events:

Bookmarks and Eid presents
Children will design bookmarks which can be bought for 20p each, with many designs to choose from. You can also buy an Eid present for your child for 2.00. The money raised from the bookmarks and Eid presents will be donated to the Forget me not children??s hospice, which is a charity that supports children with life shortening conditions and their families in West Yorkshire. If your child would like a bookmark or you would like them to get an Eid present, please fill in the reply slip below and return it with the correct amount to their class teacher. Money should be bought in no later than Tuesday 8th July. Bookmarks and Eid presents will be given on Tuesday 15th July.

Food Bank
A local church has a food bank that supports families in this area who struggle to buy food. We would appreciate any donations of food which will be given to the Ebenezer church to help local families and vulnerable people to enable them to move on from their current situation. Please bring all donations to school by Friday 11th July.

We would like to thank everyone and hope you will support us in this good cause.