17th Jun 2014


Every week we help 40,000 children achieve at school by integrating the arts throughout their learning. Artis create a very different learning experience from a typical classroom. With the Artis approach, children are physically engaged in the learning process: they act, sing and dance the curriculum. Mount Pellon's Artis Specialist is 'Shine', who work in the schoolacross all year groups to strengthen classroom learning, improve speaking & listening and boost confidence and self-esteem.

Last week Shine worked with Year 3, who are studying 'Influential People'. They brilliantly executed the iconic 'Thriller' dance and learned the lyrics to the song, in an exploration of Jackson's musical legacy.

Year 1 who have been studying 'France' created a dance routine in which they acted as if they were the cycling stars of the 'Tour De France'. Pumping their tyres and polishing their bikes whilst using fabulous facial expressions and rhythmic awareness.

In preparation for their English SAT's examination, Year 2 explored 'Connective words' through the medium of rap. They had great fun while keeping to a cool beat!

The Connectives Rap

Year Two are here, its times to sing,
About connectives, those words that link!
If you wanna be smart, if you wanna be cool
Extend that sentence? Connectives Rule!
If, so, but, and, therefore, since ?.
Do you understand?
However, besides, meanwhile, then?
Use connectives when you pick up your pen
Firstly, secondly, in the end?
Connective words will be your friend!