Pie Corbett

9th Jan 2014

Pie Corbett

Pie Corbettis anEnglisheducationalwriterand apoetwho has written well over two hundred books. He is well known for promoting creative approaches in the classroom and has had a great deal of experienceas a teacher,head teacherandOfstedinspector.In school we have been adapting some of his approaches to help children learn.

Select the links to watch the children in action.

A story of facts about dinosaurs
Year 1 aretelling a story of facts about dinosaurs.

Poem Battles
Children in Year 3 go against each other to remember apoem about dinosaurs.

Pass The Poem
Children in Year 3 read a sentence from the poem then passed it on to their friend.

Year 6 Talk for Writing

Children in Year 6 have beenusing talk for writing to do non-chronological reports about tsunami's.


Zain, Zainab, Zain andZeeshan


Mehvish and Aalia


Saim and David